White Heart of Justice: Book Review

October 9, 2016

White Heart of Justice is the third installment in Jill Archer’s Noon Onyx series.  For anyone who is unaware of the series, Noon Onyx’s post-apocalyptic world is populated by demons (the victors of Armageddon) and a host of unique fantasy creatures.  The series focuses on Noon’s developing magical power, relationships, and many adventures in the unforgiving, demon haunted world of Halja.  For additional background information, check out my reviews of Dark Light of Day and Fiery Edge of Steel.

whiteheartofjusticeAs in Fiery Edge of Steel, White Heart of Justice sends Noon beyond the comforts of St. Lucifer’s Law School to the uncharted, near-mythical fringes of her world.  As the story begins, Noon is focused on winning the Laurel Crown Race in order to win the right to choose her fourth-semester residency.  As it turns out, the Divinity (the school of Angels) is still upset about Noon’s (sort of accidental) destruction of a priceless statue.  To make amends and win the Laurel Crown Race, Noon sets out to retrieve the legendary White Heart sword from the ice-tortured outpost of hell known as Tartarus.

Once again, Jill Archer’s secondary characters prove to be as interesting as her main character.  Noon’s carefree and confident Guardian, Rafe, is featured heavily in White Heart of Justice as Noon’s companion and potential love interest.  Additionally, Noon’s strained familial relationships continue to develop as the story unfolds.  Last, but not least, some of Noon’s previous enemies return with a vengeance and resort to entirely new levels of villainy.

White Heart of Justice is evidence that the Noon Onyx series is only improving with time.  Archer’s worldbuiling and continued development of Halja proves, once again, to be one of her greatest strengths. I am constantly impressed with Jill Archer’s ability to create new and imaginative beings to populate her world.  White Heart of Justice introduces readers to ice basilisks, zombie-esque creatures known as mortem animae, and lovable, dog-like barghests.  Archer also introduces perennial magic alongside of faith (Angelic), waning (destructive), and waxing (healing) magic.  The spell-slinging in White Heart of Justice is always awesome.

In short, White Heart of Justice is an exciting read for fans of the series and a worthwhile reason for new fans to join Noon Onyx on her adventures.  Thankfully, the series seems to be set up for a fourth book, and I will be looking forward to its release.  Pick up a copy of White Heart of Justice and follow Noon on her epic quest into the frozen hell that is Tartarus.

Rating: 5/5

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