Pittsburgh Dad: Everything Your Dad Has Said to You

October 12, 2016

Pittsburgh Dad: Everything Your Dad Has Said to You is a collection of comedic quotes from the hit YouTube show Pittsburgh Dad written by Chris Preksta and Curt Wootton. Whether you are from the Pittsburgh area yourself, or simply are confused by the Pittsburghese words used by someone you know from the Steel City, Pittsburgh Dad will make you smile and laugh throughout the book.

pittsburghdadIf you are not familiar with the YouTube show, Pittsburgh Dad started up about three years ago and has developed an impressive following over that time.  Curt Wootton, who created the character “Pittsburgh Dad” after impersonating his father, references everything about Pittsburgh including local hot spots, foods, sports teams, the crazy Pittsburgh lingo (known as Pittsburghese) and even modern pop culture in his videos. The Pittsburgh Dad book is essentially a collection of jokes that were originally written for the web series.

At first, I was concerned that I would be familiar will all of the quotes in the book since I am an avid fan of the videos.  It turns out, however, that a decent number of the lines in the book are either modified from Wootton’s delivery in the final videos or are previously unused material. There is certainly more that is familiar than fresh here, but it is nice to see that Preksta and Wootton put some additional effort into compiling the book.

Pittsburgh Dad is divided by topics such as “Eating Family Dinner,” “Fighting in the Car,” and “Thanksgiving.”  Even readers who are not familiar at all with Pittsburgh will recognize their own father’s voice as “Pittsburgh Dad” tries to control his kids and deal with his family and neighbors.  The quotes are supplemented by some excellent photos of “Pittsburgh Dad” in action as he yells at the kids, attempts to watch the Steelers without inducing a heart attack, and tries in vain to keep Jeffy, the weird neighborhood kid, out of his house.

Pittsburgh Dad is an excellent book for anyone with a tie to the Pittsburgh area.  Whether the reader already enjoys the videos or has never heard of Pittsburgh Dad before, the book is sure to be a hit.  Don’t yinz forget to go dahn the bookstore and buy it!

Rating: 4/5 (If you are from Pittsburgh)

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