Star Trek FAQ: Book Review

October 12, 2016

Star Trek FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the First Voyages of the Starship Enterprise is an informational guide to the development, production, and legacy of Star Trek that is written by Mark Clark.  Clark’s love of Star Trek is evident, but also is tempered by an even-handed writing style that encourages both super fans and casual fans to enjoy his work.

startrekfaqAlmost anything that there is to learn about Star Trek‘s original voyages is covered in Star Trek FAQ. From Gene Roddenberry’s life story and struggle to produce the series, to the careers of the show’s stars, and the tales of the show’s production and afterlife, Clark seems to have thought of everything.  Readers who are interested in learning more about the moral and philosphical implications of Star Trek episodes will be equally as interested as those who want to hear the juicy details of feuds between William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.  Well, really feuds between Shatner and pretty much everyone in the cast are chronicled here.  Regardless, the real strength of Star Trek FAQ is that it balances more hardcore “Trekker” concerns (I can use the term because I am one) with lighter material that should interest even causal viewers of the series.

Clark complies a fascinating array of facts and takes care to organize his volume into manageable chapters that are grouped by topic.  The inclusion of photos from publicity stills, Star Trek episodes, and other sources helps to break up the material and gives this nearly 400 page volume (including sources) a light, readable quality.  The chapters generally do not surpass ten pages, so even the more tech heavy chapters about the inter-workings of the Enterprise are enjoyable and easy to read.

Leonard Nimoy’s passing earlier this year inspired me to read more about the series that has done so much to teach me more open-minded and progressive morals.  Star Trek FAQ inspired me to watch many episodes of the original series and is a wonderful companion while reliving Kirk, Spock, and McCoy’s adventures.  I recommend Star Trek FAQ to any reader who wants to know more about the series, regardless of his/her specific interests.  There is something here for everyone.

Rating: 5/5

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