The Zombie Survival Guide: Book Review

October 12, 2016

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks is exactly what the title suggests. There have been many copycat survival guides since the release of The Zombie Survival Guide, but none of them are better than the original.

zombiesurvivalMax Brooks provides chapters relating to about every aspect of zombie apocalypse survival imaginable.  Since I am originally from the Pittsburgh area (George Romero, anyone?) these are topics of potentially vital importance to my well-being.  Some of the sections cover combat, defense, travel, and general survival tips, although there are many more topics that are covered in the various sections.  There are even “true” tales of zombie attacks throughout history, dating from 60,000 BC to modern times. I postulate that the zombie report from 60,000 BC might be mistaking zombies for Neanderthals, but that is only a personal theory with little (no) data to back it up.

Brook’s writing style is one of the most important elements in determining if a reader will enjoy The Zombie Survival Guide or be bored to tears by it.  There is no overt comedy in this guide.  In other words, Brooks writes the guide as seriously as if these events might really occur (because they might!) and does not crack jokes to lampoon his own work.  There is no irony or any sense that Brooks is not taking the potential zombie apocalypse as a real threat. There may be some moments that are comedic, but they are extremely understated.

At certain points, the guide can get into some very specific survival techniques that could be boring to individual readers.  Sections that deal with equipment, for example, can be a little dry at times.  However, there are some excellent tips in the book that seem to be based on real survival situations.  The zombie myths that are covered at the beginning of the book are entertaining, as well as the “historical” zombie reports, although the whole book is interesting if the reader is really into the topic of apocalyptic survival.

Fans of zombies really should give The Zombie Survival Guide a try.  It is the most comprehensive and interesting guide of its type that I have yet to come across.  My first choice to survive the zombie apocalypse would be to find Daryl from The Walking Dead. However, failing that, I recommend a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide.

Rating: 4/5

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