National Novel Writing Month: Ever Onward

November 18, 2016

Hello, everyone! I hope that the rest of you are having a productive, although admittedly cray, NaNoWriMo like I am. Right now, I am over halfway through the intimidating 50,000 word goal. I still need to make my 1,667 words for today, but I plan on getting back to writing as soon as I am done with making this post. This is the first time that I have really committed to NaNoWriMo and the results are really amazing. That is not to say that the book that I am writing is a masterpiece. What I am finding, though, is that writing in itself is an accomplishment.

I always read that the most important part of writing is simply to sit down and force yourself to write. From what I can see, that strategy is the way to go. There have been many times in the process where I did not see where the story was going, only to have the answer suddenly jump out at me organically through the writing process. As I mentioned before, I will be light on the story details since those details could easily change and because I do not want to give anything away yet. Suffice to say that my fantasy world is starting to come to life, along with all of the fascinating characters and creatures therein.

Here’s to the second half!

Please let me know about your own progress in the comments!

Current word count: 27, 259

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