Rhett & Link’s Book of Mythicality

October 14, 2017

Title: Rhett & Link’s Book of Mythicality

Author: Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal

Published: 2017

Genre: Comedy/Autobiography

Length: 267


Rhett & Link are a comedy duo known for their YouTube series Good Mythical Morning. If you have never watched Rhett & Link, I highly suggest that you get to know them through their internet content before reading their book. The book will make a lot more sense and feel more personal if you already consider yourself to be a Mythical Beast (fan). Otherwise, things will get weird pretty fast.

Rhett & Link’s Book of Mythicality is designed as a field-guide to living a “mythical” life. Rhett and Link explain their definition of mythicality in the beginning of the book and then illustrate these qualities with stories from their lives. Fans will enjoy the autobiographical nature of the book and that many of the stories are being told for the first time.

The book itself is very nicely designed with bright colors and lots of graphics and pictures throughout the book. The hardback version (currently there is no paperback) has a nice heft to it and is filled with a lot of unique content like a small board game, pages that offer tips about throwing a party that “doesn’t suck,” a quiz to determine your readiness for dog ownership, flowcharts for decision making, checklists for embracing immaturity, illustrations of mythical beasts, multitudes of photos (often embarrassing), etc.

Rhett and Link are entertaining writers and their comedy, which is normally presented in video or audio format, does transfer onto the written page quite well. There is an audio version of the book that I do not have, but certain fans may prefer to hear Rhett & Link speak, sing, or rap the material. For me, their unique voices carried through in the written book without a problem.

I do wish that Rhett & Link had included more content and input from their Mythical Crew in this book. It is not a short book, and there was plenty of room to dedicate more space to the crew. Many members of Rhett and Link’s crew from their internet shows, who are quite popular with fans, are featured only briefly or not at all. I suppose Rhett & Link wanted to keep the book focused on their lives and experiences, but a full chapter by the crew should have been included. That being said, the chapter that features writing from their wives is a lot of fun.

The book is divided into 20 chapters that cover a myriad of topics including the beginning of Rhett & Link’s friendship, college, dogs, meeting their wives, wacky inventions, etc. There is surprisingly little content about the making of the show, but I did not realize this until after I finished the book. That is probably because the entire book reads like an extended episode of Good Mythical More since Rhett & Link’s tone and humor are present on every page as they recount their misadventures for our entertainment.

Rhett & Link’s Book of Mythicality will be a big hit with fans. It is intelligent, silly, a little weird, and even thought-provoking at times. I read the book fairly quickly, within a couple of days, and read quite fluidly the entire time. I highly recommend the book to the community of Mythical Beasts.

Rating: 4/5


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